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IRR. Design offers professional irrigation design and consulting services to compliment any commercial property to increase the value of its landscape assets.

Remote monitoring and water management services for property and facility managers, irrigation design deliverables for developers, architects, builders and landscape architects, and system performance audits to identify weak and inefficient issues and improve system performance so that every drop counts.

The scope of our services is as individual as each of the systems we are charged with, and we have the expertise to execute each offering on time and on budget.

IRR. Design believes that water delivery and management product selection and application are integral to an overall system design and should be based on: general area climate data; on site weather, exposure, plant selection and soil conditions; product availability and service support; current and projected human and fiscal resources; current and projected site water quality and availability; property/landscape management capabilities.

Independently selecting and specifying the best performing products for each of these system functions regardless of a manufacturer or distributor optimize water-use efficiency, system compatibility and system longevity.

Restricting an irrigation design to the use of a single product or manufacturer's line of products severely limits system capabilities and performance.

Our Philosophy wasn't built overnight, it has been in the making for over forty years. We have been in every facet of the irrigation industry; from digging ditches to designing the nations largest sports complexes, IRR. Design's approach is centered around working with multiple disciplines to promote innovative, water conserving design solutions.

Contact us today to learn how you can join the thousands of others that choose IRR. Design to handle their Irrigation Design needs.

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